Terms and Conditions



1. General information:

 - the owner of the Online Store (e-caprese.pl, e-caprese.de and e-caprese.com) "Caprese" hereinafter referred to as 'the Store' is Caprese Dorota Szambelan having its registered office in Poland in Przygodzice (63-421), at Kasztanowa 82; NIP no. PL622-254-67-17, REGON no. 301500669,

- By using the "Caprese" website and / or placing your order, you accept these Terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). Before placing an order, please read these Terms and Conditions,

- the Customer is bound by the current version of the Terms and Conditions available at the "Caprese" website at the time of ordering,

 - "Caprese" is a party to the sales contract concluded with the customer and appears on the VAT invoice or receipt as the seller of the ordered products; the customer receives a receipt or invoice upon the delivery of the Product, please inform us about your wish to receive the invoice in the order; - Products are all goods and services that the customer can purchase in the Caprese Online Store; all Products offered in the Online Store are of the highest quality and have certificates required by Polish legislation; - the condition for placing orders in the Store is to complete the order form, together with the acceptance of the terms and delivery costs contained in the form, which are in the basket before the final acceptance of the order.

 - orders in the Store can be made by adults; - by placing an order in the Store, the Customer agrees to the use of personal data provided in the order form; Customer's personal data are entered into the Caprese Store database for promotional and advertising purposes, for the purpose of completing the order (writing an invoice, receipt and shipping label at the selected postal operator). The customer has the right to inspect their data, to rectify the data and request that the data are ceased to be used;

2. Offer and placing orders. 

 - the Store's offer is valid in Poland; it is possible to ship to another country after submitting an inquiry.
 - the number of products offered by the Store changes and is subject to constant updates;

 - orders will be accepted on a first come first served basis;

- the condition for starting the order processing process is to correctly complete the order form and send it to the Store;

- after placing the order, the customer is informed about the products he has ordered and will receive information by e-mail when the ordered products are currently out of stock; The customer must confirm the order by replying to the email about the order. The order will not be processed until confirmed

 - in the event of ambiguities regarding the information sent in the order form, the Store reserves the right to suspend implementation or change the terms of the order. The Store shall immediately notify the Customer about this situation by phone or electronically; - The customer is required to provide a current contact phone number or email address at which the order can be confirmed. If the Store does not receive an order confirmation within 2 business days, the order will be cancelled. 

 - the forms filled in incorrectly will not be accepted;

- each order placed will be processed within 2-5 business days of the date it was placed;

- during the holiday period, the delivery period may be extended to 3-7 business days;

- collecting the goods in person possible in the shop: "Caprese" Kasztanowa 82, in Przygodzice (63-421), Poland from 10.00 to 16.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 14.00 on Saturdays; upon arranging the date of receipt by telephone.


3. Delivery and payment methods:

- decisions on the form of payment and delivery are made by the Customer when placing the order,

- products ordered within the Store are delivered to the address provided in the order; -

 formalities related to the implementation of the order are carried out at the place of receipt of the goods, and the person authorized to make them is the employee of the company performing the delivery;

- payment for the ordered goods is made in cash at the time of delivery, or in the case of payment by bank transfer, payment must be made before the goods are sent to the Customer;

- payment for the chosen form of delivery - it is indicated at the time the order is placed before the final confirmation,

- if the goods are not paid within 5 business days, or are not received within 5 business days, the order is canceled;

4. Returns of goods. Rescission. 


1) Rescission


The customer may rescind the contract within 14 days the goods are sent without specifying reasons therefor; Please inform us about your wish to rescind the contract by e-mail at: shop@e-caprese.com or submit by phone (also SMS) at no.: (0048) 602551412. It is important for you to inform us about the rescission within 14 days of receiving the product.

The product should be returned to the Store intact. Shipment address:

Caprese Dorota Szambelan
Kasztanowa 82
63-421 Przygodzice
phone no. 0048 602551412 

Please contact us by phone or e-mail before posting a return shipment. It is extremely important to agree and confirm the refund method before returning - including costs. If the Customer does not contact the Seller before shipment, Caprese will not refund the shipping costs.

2) Return of goods

 - The Store accepts complaints in justified cases, whereby the Customer shall bear the costs of delivery of the Product to the Store. In the event of a recognized complaint, the shipping costs will be refunded. Complaints about the difference in the appearance of the Products ordered and received, which result from incorrectly set parameters of the Customer's monitor do not constitute grounds for a complaint of the Product;

- After making the payment, the Customer has the right, in the presence of a representative of the company performing the delivery, to check the contents of the shipment;

- complaints are submitted in the "Caprese" shop in Przygodzice 63-421, ul. Kasztanowa 82, during the store's hours after prior appointment by phone: (0048) 602-55-14-12. Complaints can also be submitted via the email address: shop@e-caprese.com - please send us a detailed description of the complaint and photo. (Photo can also be sent via SMS - phone no. 0048 602551412)

The customer will receive the money for the returned Product using the same method that was selected while placing the order. In exceptional cases, we may contact you to provide an account for refund (e.g. when the customer has previously chosen the payment method upon delivery)

Return Address:

Caprese Dorota Szambelan
Kasztanowa 82

63-421 Przygodzice
 tel. 0048 602 55 14 12


5. Final Provisions:

- The prices displayed on the 'Caprese' website include statutory VAT but do not include delivery costs.

- these terms and conditions are the only document defining the rules of ordering in the Store. Each customer is required to read these terms and conditions before making purchases. 

- please send opinions and questions regarding our work to shop@e-caprese.com

Bank account:

Caprese Dorota Szambelan

Kasztanowa 82

63-421 Przygodzice


Santander Bank Polska 

PL33 1090 1160 0000 0001 4409 2323 (PLN account)

PL91 1090 1160 0000 0001 4409 2346 (EUR account)


- In matters not covered in these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland shall apply.